Royale Botanicals Offers The Highest Quality Hemp Clones To Help You Deliver Superior Harvest Results


2021 Industrial Hemp Varietal Catalog & Grower’s Guide

What makes our clones better? Download our 2021 catalog to find out! Our catalog is packed with expert habit, flower structure, and growth zone content for each varietal. Plus, you’ll also learn how our hemp clones can extend your bottom line by ultimately delivering higher levels of valuable cannabidiol versus seedlings. Download now, or contact us for more information.

Royale Botanicals 2021 Catalog Cover
Royale Botanicals 2021 Catalog Cover


We Provide The Highest Quality Hemp Clones On The Market

Our cultivars deliver superior CBD, CBG and smokable harvest results for any field location, growing conditions or specific grower challenge. Have questions? Ready to get started? Use one of the easy options below to contact us.