Growing Process


Throughout the phenotype selection and growing process, mother stock plants are cultivated in our greenhouse starting in late fall.

Plants are planted in a proprietary media blend, developed in-house and are groomed weekly, under our strict sanitation protocols, to ensure the best & healthiest growth possible.

During a 3 month growing process, mother stock plants receive specific daily care, to reach their optimum size & health for producing cuttings, which are taken on a weekly basis.

Cuttings taken off mother stock are done by a veteran group of employees, with several years of experience, to ensure that each cutting meets the set standard, both in size and quality.

Cuttings then go through a specific 24 hour process of being cooled and re-hydrated, to get the maximum % of successful rooting as possible.

Cuttings are stuck into a Deep Elle pot tray, in a proprietary media blend, developed in house, which maximizes root development.

Cuttings are then taken to our special “Dry Fog” propagation house, where the humidity is set at 90% on a constant basis.

After approx. 1 week, cuttings have started to put off initial roots from their stem.

After approx. 2 weeks, cuttings (now clones) are moved from Dry Fog propagation house to separate propagation area of the greenhouse with a lower humidity set point and higher light levels, to slowly ween the plant off the lush environment it experienced in 90% humidity.

After 1 more week of growth, plants are moved completely out of the propagation area and into a different area of the greenhouse to “harden off” for 2 weeks, with the maximum amount of light & cooler temperatures.  We expose the plants to actual outdoor growing, thus ensuring the Clones will survive the harsh environment and temperature swings they will experience when first planted in the field.

Before clones are shipped out for orders, they are inspected for any pests or diseases and are given a heavy dose of fertilizer on their way out the door, so they can explode with great initial growth once planted in the field.