Our Facility

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Our current 400,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility features various environmentally friendly elements. Our mission of going green encompasses key eco-friendly attributes that include: energy-efficient furnaces, controlled automated irrigation systems, networks designed to utilize recycled water, and environmentally-conscious growing mediums. We purchase energy-efficient, environmentally- friendly materials from local companies made from recycled materials whenever possible.

We cultivate 100% of  our products using various growing methods which allow for a complete elimination of  harmful chemicals.

​Our dedication to innovation also means we staff our greenhouses with distinguished experts in the field. We encourage our growers to dedicate time to learning, exploring, and staying current on cutting-edge growing methods. By organizing on site educational seminars and visiting other growing facilities, we stay ahead of the trends, making sure our staff remain on the forefront of technology and practices. Through continual engagement, our growers realize their full potential and focus on delivering outstanding products to our consumers.

Implementing cutting-edge technology and staying on the cusp of sustainability practices propels us forward. Our investment in innovation translates into best practices, high standards, and top-of-the-line care for our plants which results in a product of integrity our customers feel good about.