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Our Story

As a third generation greenhouse grower, with 25+ years of experience in the green industry, our passion is producing clean, healthy plants. 

We strive to deliver superior quality clones while adhering to strict protocols; utilizing various organic growing methods and practices, integrated pest management and high tech innovations. 

All of our plants are 100% pesticide free, non-GMO, certified under the strict regulations of the Colorado Department of Agriculture.

All clones and mother stock are locally cultivated in our state of the art greenhouse and acclimated to our unique Colorado environment.

We have dedicated time to research and development of new genetics and created, with the help of industry experts, our own cultivar breeding and selection process.

Our mission is consistency, transparency and reliability with our main focus being customer satisfaction and success.

Our Facility

Our current 400,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility features various environmentally friendly elements. Our mission of going green encompasses key eco-friendly attributes that include: energy-efficient furnaces, controlled automated irrigation systems, networks designed to utilize recycled water, and environmentally-conscious growing mediums.

Growing Process

After going through our rigorous phenotype selection process, mother stock plants are cultivated in our greenhouse starting in late winter. Plants are planted in a proprietary media blend, developed in-house and are groomed weekly, under our strict sanitation protocols, to ensure the best & healthiest growth possible. During a 3 month growing process, mother stock plants receive specific daily care, to reach their optimum size & health for producing cuttings, which are taken on a weekly basis.